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Track 1: Mechatronics Systems Design, Modeling, and Control

  • Design and Control of Mechatronics Systems.
  • Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems.
  • Design and Control of Mechanisms.
  • Control System Modeling and Simulation.
  • Control System Techniques and Methodologies.
  • Design and Optimization.
  • Systems Engineering.
  • Interfacing and Communication in Mechatronics Systems.
  • Unconventional Electromechanical Devices and Drives.
Track Chair: Prof. Mohammad Salah, HU

Track 2: Sensors and Actuators

  • Mechatronics Measurement Systems and Sensors.
  • Actuators.
  • Servo-Systems.
  • Motion Control.
  • Sensor Design.
  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Algorithms.
  • MWireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Applications of Micro and Nano Systems (MEMS/ NEMS).
  • Material Engineering and Smart Materials.
  • Energy Conversion.
Track Chair: Prof. Tarek Younes, BAU

Track 3: Robotics and Autonomous Systems

  • Robotics and their Applications.
  • Teleoperation and Tele-Robotics.
  • Teleoperated Semi-Autonomous Systems.
  • Robot Perception and Navigation.
  • Robot Mapping and Localization.
  • Robot Simulation and Visualization.
  • Socially Intelligent Robots.
  • Human-Robot Interaction.
  • Humanoids.
  • Mobile Robots.
  • Unmanned Aerial Robots.
Track Chair: Dr. Ahmad Alshorman, JUST

Track 4: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Machine Vision

  • Machine and Deep Learning.
  • Intelligent Control.
  • Neural and Fuzzy Control and their Applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning.
  • System Identification.
  • Computational Intelligence.
  • Smart Devices and Products.
  • Intelligent Systems and Buildings.
  • AI of IoT.
  • Human Activity Recognition.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality.
  • Computer Vision Algorithms and Applications.
Track Chair: Prof. Rami Alazrai, GJU

Track 5: Industry 4.0, Smart Industry, and Smart Manufacturing

  • Digital Twins.
  • Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).
  • Automation and Process Control.
  • Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing.
  • Digital Manufacturing Systems.
  • Process Automation.
  • Laser Technology and Laser Processing.
  • Technology for the Factory of Future.
  • Cloud Manufacturing.
  • Cybersecurity of Industrial Automation Systems.
Track Chair: Prof. Mohammed Bani Younis, PU

Track 6: Automotive and Transportation Systems

  • E-Mobility.
  • Electrical Propulsion.
  • Sustainability and Emissions.
  • Advanced Powertrains.
  • Vehicle Performance and Handling.
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems.
  • Vehicle Software and Hardware.
  • Vehicle Infrastructure Integration.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
  • Vehicle Control.
  • Automated Vehicles.
  • Connected and Cooperative Vehicles.
Track Chair: Prof. Mohammad Abu Mallouh, HU

Track 7: Biomedical and Rehabilitation Systems

  • Bio-Mechatronics.
  • Human Assistive Devices.
  • Biomimetics.
  • Haptics.
  • Artificial Organs and Prosthesis.
  • Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Systems.
  • Biomedical Signal and Image Processing.
  • Brain-Machine Interfaces.
  • Medical Imaging.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Biomedical Instrumentation.
  • Biomedical Monitoring.
  • Biomedical and Health Informatics.
Track Chair: Dr. Samer Alabed, GJU

Track 8: Education and Training in Mechatronics

  • Trends in the Engineering Education of Mechatronics
  • Engineering Education within the Framework of Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate (CDIO Initiative),
  • Lifelong Learning and Professional Development in Mechatronics
  • Training Programs and Testbeds for Mechatronics
  • Curriculum Design and Development in the Education of Engineering, Technology, and Computing.
Track Chair: Dr. Musa Al-Yaman, JU